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A Bit of History

The Wapiti Striders Road Running Club was established in 1980 by Bill Turnbull and a number of other Grande Prairie and area road runners .  Many of the founding members had been involved in the old Grande Prairie Legion Track and Field Club which flourished in the late 60’s and 70’s.

Initially, the main purpose of the Club was to field a team in the Jasper to Banff Relay.  The Striders were one of only nine teams which contested the first Jasper to Banff in 1980. The Club participated in 20 of the 21 relays including the final relay in 2000.

Over the years, Club activities expanded to include hosting and helping with a variety of road running, triathlon, cross country running, and track and field events (read more about best running shoes at workout gear lab ).  The 2000 … Read More...

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Upcoming Events

The 2010 Wolves Cross Country Running Series kicks off on September 5 with the DGLW Trail Races in Grande Prairie. Click the link for full information about all Series races

An updated local 2010 local events calendar is now available. (Includes links for the Brian Harms Memorial, DHT Press Run, and GP Triathlon.)

The Grande Prairie Run-Walk Club’s website lists its upcoming events, too.

Alberta Summer Games Information

POSTSCRIPT July 23, 2010

Ok, that was an experience! I had fun; I hope that you had a good experience as well. Here are a few final thoughts:

As a team, we ended up in the 8th place; that was expected. We are by far the smallest Zone and we had a really young team this time. The boys team, however, was 4th in the team scoring.

Individually we had …